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Vampiric Creatures

The consumption of blood is scientifically known as haematophagy, and an organism that feeds partially or exclusively on blood is haematophagous. As non-parasitic omnivores, it’s

Creepy Children’s TV Shows

Television is a ubiquitous part of any child’s young life and helps them to see another window to the world they wouldn’t see otherwise. All

Weirdest Weapons

Some of our greatest innovations have been in the military field. These are the wacky weapons that misguided military inventors have come up with over

Bizarre Animal Childhoods

Some animals take tender, loving care of their babies. Others just dump off a few thousand and hope some of them aren’t eaten…and then there

Shocking Medical Stories

The catalog of medical oddities, miraculous recoveries, open questions and unsolved mysteries is so complex and fascinating, that millions of books and articles have been

Bizarre Larvae

Most of you probably know that caterpillars turn into butterflies, and maggots into houseflies; both examples of an animal transforming from a “larval” to “adult”