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Iconic Cars Built In Communist Russia

Post-World War II Russia’s struggle to prove the supremacy of their Communist political system went far beyond the boundaries of an ideological fight, and reached

Strangest Military Tanks Ever Designed

Many countries today pride themselves on the amazing military vehicles that they’re capable of producing. However, judging by what some used to call a tank,

Most Amazing DIY Projects Ever

There is perhaps no greater joy in life than the feeling you get from building things with your own hands, be it making simple airplane

Biggest Superyachts in the World

They say sailing is a “rich man’s sport,” and they are totally right.  In this age of steam ships, flying machines and matter transporters, sailboats

Non-Lethal Weapons

Non-lethal weapons are what you get when the ideas of “not-killing” and “wanting to shoot people in the face” get into yet another screaming match

Expensive Homes in the World

If you want to live big, you have to pay big.  Some of the greatest, largest, most exquisite, most expensive homes in the world are