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Famous Ships in History

Ever since the first caveman figured out that wood floats, the sea has been a part of human history. From hollowed out logs to Roman

Greatest Inventors in History

How to determine who the greatest inventors in history were is often a passionate and, at times, even a heated debate. Many men can lay

iPhone Knockoffs

admin has an iPhone App: Top 10 List iPhone App Chinese manufacturers piggyback off of successful products by cranking out thousands of copies, nowhere is

Ridiculously Huge Handguns

The world of firearms is much like the world of male bodybuilding. Iron is pumped, stretched to its limit, and filled with all sorts of

Iconic Buildings in the World

There are many different types of buildings all throughout the world, and occasionally a building is built that captivates a city or even a nation.

Failed Military Inventions

Simply, a military invention is one that was invented by the military in order to improve and advance certain military tactics, missions, or overall existence.

Bizarre Feats of Architecture

Since mankind began, we’ve sought shelter as a place to conduct domestic and later, work life. As innovations developed, many different materials and building methods