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Restaurant Menu Blunders

I graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, so I’ve developed into a word-nerd of sorts. I also love to eat. So,

Unhealthy Fast Foods

Hopefully you’re well aware that fast food is unhealthy; it’s just not possible to cram so much salt, grease and deliciousness together and produce anything

Gourmet Cities

To some travelers, the food is just as important as anything else a destination has to offer. For these foodies, only the best will do,

International Desserts

Cakes, breads, muffins, pie, puddings, ice cream – it seems like every country enjoys something sweet after a meal (or any other time of the

Foods For Brain Health

We’ve all heard “you are what you eat.” While a nutritious and well-balanced diet is of course great for our bodies, there are some foods

Banned Foods

We are free to pick and choose what we want to eat each day, thanks to grocery stores and restaurants, but imagine not being able