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Practical Uses For Hot Peppers

Peppers are an aphrodisiac for some and a major pain in the mouth and other extremities for others. While most people don’t want anything to

Disturbing Skin Conditions

According to, your skin is the largest organ in your body in both weight and surface area. Your skin alone weighs between six and

Famous Hypochondriacs

No one wants to get sick. Don’t we all wrap up warm in winter to insulate ourselves from the cold and be extra careful around

Unhealthy Fast Foods

Hopefully you’re well aware that fast food is unhealthy; it’s just not possible to cram so much salt, grease and deliciousness together and produce anything

Dangerous Toothpaste Ingredients

Even though toothpaste (in some form or another) has been around as long as the Ancient Greeks have, the formula (as we know it) did

Weird Health Therapies

Okay, it’s that time of the year again when the entire universe conspires to get you sick. You have tried all chemical permutations and combinations,