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Longest Sporting Events

By now we’ve all heard about the epic tennis match that happened recently at Wimbledon between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. That 11-hour marathon has

Worst Boxing Moments In History

Professional Boxing is known as the “Sweet Science” but corruption, a lack of a central governing body, and the rise of MMA have threatened to

Multi-Sport Athletes

In today’s ultra-competitive world of professional athletics, it’s extremely difficult to go pro. Still, there have been a number of physically gifted, insanely versatile athletes

Shortest NBA Basketball Players

When you think about basketball players, you probably think of a taller-than-average man who is strong, fast, and able to make a slam dunk with

Bad (Worst) College Mascots

College mascots are supposed to be intimidating, but most importantly entertaining, as they are what really get the crowd yelling and roaring during the game.

Dangerous Auto Races

While there might be more statistically treacherous sports, auto racing, particularly the less mainstream brands of rallying and motocross, still remains the most prominent—and often