Viral Panda

Unusual Cemeteries

Benjamin Franklin once wrote in a letter to a friend: “in the world nothing can be said to be certain except death [and taxes].” When

Likely To Be REAL Hauntings

First, let’s look at what constitutes a “haunting.” To us, there are two main categories for ghost / spirit hauntings… Residual Hauntings A residual haunting,

Body Bugs

Life finds a way to survive virtually everywhere on our planet – including on itself. Almost every bird and mammal on the planet has its

Biggest Internet Communities

There are a huge number of communities online, and the range of conversation topics is limitless. Say you want to talk about sports—there are plenty

Toughest Athletic Challenges

Is your daily routine at the gym boring you? Is your jogging route not giving you the same satisfaction it once did? And are you

Bizarre Plants

There are about 375,000 species of plants in the world today, with more being discovered on a daily basis. Plants come in all different sizes,

Star Trek Languages

Think Star Trek is all about setting your lasers to stun and making out with hot alien chicks?  If you want to get with the

Dangerous Toothpaste Ingredients

Even though toothpaste (in some form or another) has been around as long as the Ancient Greeks have, the formula (as we know it) did

Historical Mysteries

The depth of our collective history has countless stories, including some that we have yet to find the ending to. These mysteries have been puzzling

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